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    Hello! And thank you for visiting!

            Well this was one of those dies that, when seen, you just think ‘me me me!’ Kingfishers are such beautiful birds, I was trying to think of who couldn’t possibly love them?! (Until my husband piped up with ‘people with ponds’!)
    Apparently, Kingfishers can look either blue or green as their colour is a refraction of the light on the structural arrangement of their feathers, and for this card, I decided to go with beautiful blue.
     Firstly, using a card blank, or piece of card scored and folded, cut the base card using the Outer Edge die from Tattered Lace Architectural Lace Circle
    Using the same die, cut the complete shape to go on the front of the base card.
     Wild Spider Designs Kingfisher
    While you’ve got the Die-cutting machine out, using the size appropriate dies from the Tonic, 209E Celtic Dream Layering Die Collection, cut out the next two layers.
     Wild Spider Designs Kingfisher
    The patterned paper I have used is from a very old paper pad from Kanban, called It’s a Dog’s life (after a little research, it turns out it’s from 2013 and is still available if you have a hunt on the internet)
    Taking the two plain white dies cuts, using either blending tools or brushes, apply a light dusting of Tim Holtz Distress Inks Pine Needles to the outer edge of the larger shape and Tim Holtz Distress Inks Tumbled Glass to the outer edge of the smaller shape.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get hold of the Tattered Lace Reeds and Rushes Die before it sold out, so for the reeds on this card I downloaded a lovely SVG file from the Silhouette Design Store called Cat Tails by Loni Harris.
    I imported the file in to the Brother Scan n Cut Canvas software and had a good old play, and with a bit of duplicating, welding and cutting I came up with the following;
    Wild Spider Designs Reeds and Rushes  
    Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t take me 2 minutes & I was done, but it helped me learn a few things and enjoyed the process.
    So…. however you’ve acquired your reeds…
     Using Rare Earth Henna Brown, apply the ink to the top of the reeds, and using an appropriate green ink, apply to the leaf parts. (The green I have used is no longer available, it’s such an old ink pad I was so pleased it still worked!)
     Wild Spider Designs 
    Now on to the Kingfisher! Cut a piece of card large enough for the Tattered Lace Kingfisher (464107) die and a piece large enough for the branch that he is sitting on. Place the larger piece of card directly on to the Sticky Roll and keep the smaller piece to one side.
    Tattered Lace King Fisher Wild Spider Designs Cutting Sticky Roll 
    Cut around the piece of card with a craft knife, or if you prefer, cut just along the inside of the card with scissors. Cutting the card rather than the Sticky Roll will prevent any sticking to your scissors.
    Place the die down the side covered with Sticky Roll so the front of the Kingfisher will be the sticky side and run through your cutting machine.
    Wild Spider Designs Sticky Roll Tattered Lace Kingfisher
    Then, with the smaller piece of card, cut out the branch.
    Take the Kingfisher covered in Sticky Roll, trim off the branch section and discard.
    With the separately cut branch, trim off any excess, leaving the feet so that the Kingfisher can be placed on to the branch.
    Colour the branch in using the medium of your choice, (I have used alcohol markers for mine)
     Wild Spider Designs
    Back to the Kingfisher, using a craft knife, cut through the liner of the Sticky Roll in the desired areas.
    The pressure required to do this is similar that of writing. If you’re a bit unsure, just have a practice on the branch part you cut off, in no time you won’t even have think about it!
    I have shown the areas I have cut by running an alcohol marker over the top, the ink sinks in to the cut lines, which is also a good tip for remembering where you’ve cut!
    Wild Spider Designs Tattered Lace Kingfisher Sticky Roll
    To cover the Kingfisher with flock and glitter you are going to need to lift the desired areas of the liner.
    To do this, place the blade of your knife adjacent to where you have cut in to the liner and slide the tip of your knife under the cut line and lift. If you prefer you can also use a piercing tool or a pin.
      Wild Spider Designs Lifting the liner
    Remove the liner covering the chest and patches on the head, ready to apply the flock.
    Wild Spider Designs Applying Flock
     Using a sieve or flour sifter cover the die-cut generously with Iridescent Sunglow flock.
     (which is available individually or on offer as part of the Kingfisher Set)
    Pat down using your finger, then rub the fibres in using small circular movements, adding more fibres if required.  Tap off any excess and pour back in to the pot.
    Tattered Lace King Fisher Die
    Take the Turquoise and Royal Blue glitters and pour approximately the amount of Turquoise glitter you think you will require on to a piece of paper or empty container and then add a good large pinch of the Royal Blue and mix together.
    Remove the liner covering the head and the wing and pour the glitter over the areas.
    Pat down using your finger and then rub in the glitter using small circular movements.
    Tap off the excess and using a cheap brush (not one of your posh blending brushes!), brush over the glittered areas to remove any loose particles remaining.
    Remove the liner covering the feet and colour in the area using an orange alcohol marker.
    Wild Spider Designs Liftig the liner paper
     Leave for a few moments to dry and then go over the top with Glossy Accents.
    Wild Spider Designs
     Remove the liner on the eye and the beak and apply Tonic Nuvo Crystal drops – Black and Navy Blue, leaving to dry.
    When everything has dried, glue the back of the feet of the Kingfisher and place the feet down on the branch.
    Assemble all the parts of the card.
    Glue along the lower parts of the reeds and place on to the card, when this has dried, gently pull forward some of the flower heads and curl some of the reeds forward to give it a little more dimension.
    Gently curl the Kingfisher and branch around a pen or something similar, to give them some shape, and using silicone glue adhere the Kingfisher, sat proudly on his branch to the front card.
    Wild Spider Designs - Tattered Lace Kingfisher Die
    Tattered Lace Kingfisher Die
    Well I hope you've enjoyed the read, if you have any questions or comments please do leave them below!
    Items Used

    Card blank – Outer edge die (6.06 x 6.02”) from Tattered Lace Architectural Lace Circle

    Reeds – Original SVG file downloaded from Silhouette America, altered by myself and cut out on the   Scan n’ Cut

    Kingfisher – Tattered Lace Kingfisher (464107)

    Decorative circle – Tonic 209E Celtic Dream Layering Die Collection

    Inner circle – Tonic 209E Celtic Dream Layering Die Collection

    Pattered paper – Kanban – It’s a Dogs life A4 paper pad (Quite an old kit!)

    Glitter – A mixture of Wild Spider Designs Turquoise and WSD Royal Blue glitters

    Flock – Wild Spider Designs Sunglow Yellow flock

    (Kingfisher Glitter & Flock Trio)

    Eye & Beak – Tonic Nuvo Crystal drops – Black and Navy Blue

    Inks – Rare Earth Henna Brown, Tim Holtz Distress Inks – Tumbled Glass & Pine Needles